Top 3 Gambling Movies Of The Noughties

The adventure and thrill of staking colossal amounts and risking it in one sitting make these movies a must-watch. With numerous choices, it may be challenging to settle on the best.

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There’s just something about a great gambling film that gets our attention. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but there’s a natural sense of drama and suspense surrounding any gambling activity, and it lends itself well to a script. The inspiration for it came from a novel written Richard Jessup. Currently, it has a score of 7.3 out of 10 on IMDb and 85% on Rotten Tomatoes.

His objective is to free himself and his loved ones from these bosses. Gambling movies are not only glamorous but also quite entertaining.

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  • However, bad gambling habits do exist and there have been several films over the years that have shown what can happen if you don’t gamble responsibly.
  • Cruise’s character uses his brother’s abilities to win himself some big money at some of the Vegas casinos.
  • As probably one of the most famous movies from the ’80s, Rain Man stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise as estranged brothers who go on a cross-country trip together.
  • Hoffman plays an autistic man who has the ability to count everything, including cards.
  • This movie is great for those who want to enjoy a comedy-drama set in the ’80s which has a focus on gambling.

This poker player is intent on establishing his reputation as the best poker player ever. To do that, he has to challenge a player who is older and more experienced than he is. This book focused on the nonfictional story of a Blackjack Team from MIT. 21 focused on a talented group of college students as they tried to crack the code for 21, the legendary card game.

More specifically, the group had to deal with some shadowy figures in the industry. Many people liked it, but some felt that the film was disappointing.

Sports Betting Movies You Have To Watch

The gambler revolves around a man tasked with taking on gangland bosses. He does that through unrelenting determination at the gambling table.

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