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And there are a few adults on hand in each Minerva city to assist and check in on the students. “We were exposed to such a diversity of opinions and cultural upbringings,” he said, referring to himself and his Minerva classmates, most of whom aren’t from America. He’s Colombian-American and went to high school in Puerto Rico. But he’s hardly the first person to suggest that the country’s richer schools are more concerned with pleasing students than with challenging them and are better at delaying adulthood than at ushering their charges into it.

This second goal uses the proven method used by the Kepler Mission, and the unique design of the MINERVA observatory allows us to pursue both goals simultaneously. “It’s not sitting in bleachers and chanting.” It’s about being in an unconventional group of undaunted adventurers who are having an unfamiliar college experience, in part because they’re fashioning it themselves.

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All Minerva classes take the form of seminars conducted on the platform I tested. The first students will by now have moved into Minerva’s dorm on the fifth floor of a building in San Francisco’s Nob Hill neighborhood and begun attending class on Apple laptops they were required to supply themselves. started teaching its inaugural class of 33 students this month.

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As Minerva Achaea, she was worshipped at Lucera in Apulia where votive gifts and arms said to be those of Diomedes were preserved in her temple. Published by the MIT Press, Building the Intentional University is an in-depth look at what it took to create Minerva, the only educational program of its kind, from the beginning. Find it on Amazon, at local book sellers, or purchase directly from MIT Press.

In legend, the great hero Aeneas, who escaped from fallen Troy, brought a cult statue of the goddess to Rome. Residing within the Temple of Vesta it was believed that the city would be safe from harm as long as the statue was preserved. Like Athena, the goddess was renowned for her chastity, and she once famously refused the amorous advances of Mars, the god of war. Laurel Springs School is the first high school to offer the Minerva Baccalaureate program for its highest-achieving students.

But by now books are abundant, and so are serviceable online lectures by knowledgeable experts. A partnership with the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, California, allowed Minerva to fast-track its accreditation, and its advisory board has included Larry Summers, the former U.S. Treasury secretary and Harvard president, and Bob Kerrey, the former Democratic senator from Nebraska, who also served as the president of the New School, in New York City. Minerva’s headquarters are in San Francisco, and the first class of students will live in a dorm there this year, but the university plans to open locations in at least six other cities, including Ber­lin and Buenos Aires. I strapped on a headset, leaned into a microphone, and experienced what had been described to me as a type of time travel to the future of higher education.

, during my various conversations with Kosslyn and Nelson, when I found I couldn’t wait for Minerva’s wrecking ball to demolish the ivory tower. The American college system is a frustrating thing—and I say this as someone who was a satisfied customer of two undergraduate institutions, Deep Springs College and Harvard. At Harvard, I went to many excellent lectures and took only one class with fewer than 10 students. I didn’t sleepwalk or drink my way through either school, and the education I received was well worth the $16,000 a year my parents paid, after scholarships. Students begin their Minerva education by taking the same four “Cornerstone Courses,” which introduce core concepts and ways of thinking that cut across the sciences and humanities.

Later, this title was adopted for the first initiation of Aleister Crowley’s OTO rituals. The Romans celebrated her festival from March 19 to March 23 during the day which is called, in the neuter plural, Quinquatria, the fifth day after the Ides of March, the nineteenth, an artisans’ holiday.

, when universities began mailing out acceptance letters and parents all over the country shuddered as the reality of tuition bills became more concrete, Minerva sent 69 offers. Thirty-three students decided to enroll, a typical percentage for a liberal-arts school. Nelson told me Minerva would admit students without regard for diversity or balance of gender. When Eric Bonabeau assigned the reading for his class on induction, he barely bothered to tell us what induction was, or how it related to North Atlantic cod.

  • Professors, especially tenured ones at places like Harvard, answer to nobody.
  • Bonabeau, a physicist who has worked in academia and in business, studies the mathematics of swarming behavior , and his research helped inspire Michael Crichton’s terrible thriller Prey.
  • Diane Halpern, a prominent psychologist, signed on this year as the dean of social sciences.
  • In 2013, after a few months of contract work for Minerva, he resigned from Stanford and joined Minerva as its founding dean.
  • Among the bigger shots hired by Minerva is Eric Bonabeau, the dean of computational sciences, who taught the seminar I participated in.
  • wouldn’t be of any use to the majority of Minerva’s students, who will likely come from overseas.

I was on the ninth floor of a building in downtown San Francisco, in a neighborhood whose streets are heavily populated with winos and vagrants, and whose buildings host hip new businesses, many of them tech start-ups. And has carefully considered and tried to address the pitfalls of online education. One reason that someone taking a large lecture course alone on a computer at home may not finish or glean much from it is the absence of a nearby support network of peers. But Minerva students have one another for counsel, company and community, and several told me that a classmate taking the same seminar that you are might be doing so on a laptop set up next to yours.

Minerva is an accredited university with administrative offices and a dorm in San Francisco, and it plans to open locations in at least six other major world cities. Subscribe today to make sure you never miss a copy and always pay the best price. Minerva is the leading international ancient art and archaeology magazine enjoyed by academics and non-specialists alike. You will notice that Minerva has changed this year – the new design, created by a new team, has given the magazine a new, larger format, better to showcase the splendours of the ancient world. Minerva is a shared library system that brings together nearly 60 libraries of all types from across the state.


Each year, the senior class decorates Minerva at the beginning of the fall semester. A small Roman shrine to Minerva stands in Handbridge, Chester.

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Daphne Koller of Coursera sat opposite him onstage, and they calmly but assuredly described what sounded to me like the destruction of the very schools where their audience members worked. Nelson wore a bored smirk while an introductory video played, advertising the next year’s version of the same conference. To a pair of educational entrepreneurs boasting the low price of their new projects, the slickly produced video must have looked like just another expensive barnacle on the hull of higher education.

It should challenge you academically, expose you to a diversity of global cultures, and enable you to develop the broad knowledge and practical skills needed to solve the most complex issues of our time. Preparing to succeed in an era of global uncertainty requires developing your intellect, building your character, and learning practical capabilities.

It doesn’t own and give students instant access to cutting-edge scientific equipment or stacks of old books. Tuition, fees, room and board at Minerva are about $32,000 a year — easily half the sticker price of many prestigious private colleges — for students paying full freight, which is only about 20 percent of them.

have simply become less relevant as information has become more ubiquitous. Just as learning to read in Latin was essential before books became widely Minerva available in other languages, gathering students in places where they could attend lectures in person was once a necessary part of higher education.

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Minerva is collaborating with leading institutions and organizations to create transformational learning programs and lead global change. With the establishment of the flagship Minerva Schools at KGI, we demonstrated that comprehensive educational reform was not only possible, but could be more effective—and more resilient—than traditional models. Minerva is one of the few players in the world that is comprehensively reforming education, especially around transferable competencies. A statue of Minerva is displayed at Wells College outside of Main Building.

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